your newborn’s first week

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Congratulations – your baby has now arrived! Now it is time to begin building the beautiful connection between yourself and your newborn. The first week is all about getting to know this brand new person in your life, enjoying every second with them.

There’s nothing more magical than spending the first hours with your little one. You will be able to see how they develop and start doing new things little by little every day.

You’ll want to be prepared to capture and memorize every step in the first week of their life. Seeing them opening their eyes to a new world, holding your finger with their little hands, or giving you their first smile will be wonderful, to be sure. But there’s also other, more serious details to keep in mind throughout this process.

Your baby will be adapting to a completely new environment. They are used to the womb, where they once enjoyed the coziness and comfort of their mother’s body. The temperature is consistent there, the light is dim, and they can barely hear any noise.

All that completely changes when they come into the outside world. As parents, we have to help them adapt by giving babies the security and attention they need to reduce the negative effects of these new experiences.

Not only is your baby’s life going to change, but yours will also have to change – that way you can give your baby everything he or she needs. The requirements for doing this are not always crystal clear, so let us help you out by providing some steps in the right direction.


After labor, we know that you might usually feel tired and exhausted – after all, bringing a baby to the world is not an easy task! It is important to remember that teamwork is key when it comes to taking care of your baby. Two people can do a better job than just one. Invite the new daddy to be as involved in the process as possible. Something as simple as being at their partner’s side while they breastfeed and put the baby to sleep can go a long way in the days ahead.

In our experience, having your partner at your side while breastfeeding the baby or putting him to sleep will make the newborn feel calmer, since they have the two paternal figures at their side.

Remember that the baby recognizes everything felt or heard inside the womb. If the two parents were involved during the 9 months of the pregnancy, then the baby will recognize you and feel comfortable whenever he or she is around you.

The first thing most likely to change in your life is your sleeping schedule. It is true that newborns tend to sleep for long periods of time, but their sleep patterns are never defined by a pre-existing circadian rhythm like yours. We recommend taking advantage of the times when they’re sleeping to take a few naps here and there.

Some of us have slept while we are breastfeeding! Just make sure that you find the correct time and place to rest for a few minutes. We know that you are taking care of your newborn, but you have to take care of yourself too.

Having someone take turns helping with the baby every time they wake up works wonders. If you’re able, try asking your mom, your friend, or your partner to spend some time with you. It’ll help your newborn become socialized earlier, as well as bring your own circle of family and friends closer together.

Sometimes new moms invite their family to stay over during the first week of the baby. Even though everybody wants to be involved with the newborn, you will have time to fully recover after going through the hard work of delivering your little one.

Breastfeeding is something most moms have to get used to. Babies have really small tummies, which means they will need to be fed breast milk every 2 to 4 hours. If necessary, make sure to wake your baby up every now and then to get fed. Some babies need help waking up, or else they might lose a bit of weight during the first week.

Finally, you will be able to develop primary modes of communication with your baby. They will be able to recognize your voice and get used to your sight, touch, and smell. There’s nothing that you will enjoy the most than having your baby smile at you or turn around every time they hear your voice.


After the first week with your baby is over, you should follow up with a medical professional. Visiting a doctor after the first week will help you move forward into the weeks ahead, for they are the ultimate experts and will tell you everything your baby needs during the upcoming stages of their new life.

However, you won’t be able to have these professionals on call whenever you need it. So if you’re struggling with other issues that come with taking care of your new child throughout the first twelve months, be sure to look out for more of our articles! Cher Bébé can help educate you further on some of the topics we’ve previously mentioned in greater detail, as well as other developments that can only come later on in your baby’s life.

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