Premium Crib Wedge Pillow

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MAY IMPROVE COLIC, NASAL CONJESTION, and DIGESTION | Effectively elevates newborn’s head and chest, reducing congestion while aiding with baby gas relief, and deeper slumber

SUPPORTS HEAD and TORSO | Sleepy Slope will never go flat under your baby, made of comfy quality foam for optimal cushion support. Our under mattress wedge is firm enough to go under the mattress without flattening

UNLIKE BABY SLEEP POSITIONERS with SIDE BOLSTERS | Our deluxe wedge pillow for reflux has no fixed parts that can create breathing problems. Additionally, this wedge can fix your problems from underneath the crib baby wedge

DUAL COVERS are EASY to WASH | Messes from baby acid reflux? Saves your time! Zippered fabric cover is machine washable on gentle cycle. Big messes are no problem – Just wipe nylon insert cover clean

SAFE and HEALTHY | All materials used on our baby pillows meet standards by the USA Consumer Product Safety Commission. Trust that your babies and toddlers are sleeping on a tested, hypoallergenic product that is SAFE.

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