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Baby Crib Wedge

Why use a Baby Wedge? – Summary

A crib wedge will elevate your baby’s head and chest, helping to prevent uncomfortable ailments such as baby reflux, GER, and colic.

Acid reflux and GER (Gastroesophageal Reflux) are similar issues. Both conditions are caused when the lower esophageal valve fails to close during and after feedings, which allows stomach contents to flow backwards from the stomach into the esophagus and throat.

These conditions can make your little one very uncomfortable as they fight with stomach pain prior to regurgitating.

Infant Acid Reflux
The Cause of Acid Reflux, GER, Colic

The symptoms of colic compare well to acid reflux, however the cause is different. Surprisingly, experts do not agree on the cause of colic, however there is consensus that regular burping, in addition to resting in an inclined position, helps.

In this post, we will discuss the important features you should look for when shopping for your baby wedge pillow.

P.S. If your little guy or girl is spitting up occasionally, don’t over-react or worry! Your baby will (figuratively & literally!) grow out of it. In more serious cases, GERD can develop if there is enough acid in the stomach bile to irritate the lining of the esophagus.

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction to Infant Acid Reflux
  • Video
  • Crib Wedge & Bassinet Wedge Features

Introduction to Infant Acid Reflux:

Nighttime feedings are essential for providing your little one with the right nutrition to gain weight. Subsequently, the less hungry they are, the longer they sleep, which also promotes growth.

The problem is, nighttime feedings aren’t always routine.

Babies’ bodies are continuing to develop, and sometimes, their body’s aren’t ready to operate as they should.

Oftentimes after feeding, a baby’s stomach is unable to contain the milk or formula he has just finished. And if baby is laid down flat soon afterwards, there isn’t much resistance against the flow of stomach content as it moves upwards! A gentle incline, which helps to keep your baby upright, can make a positive difference when your baby fights with infant acid reflux.

If you would like more information on infant reflux, our friends at the Mayo Clinic wrote an in-depth article you may find useful and interesting.

When choosing a baby wedge pillow there are several features to look for, which we will cover under the video below. A well-thought-out product with the right built-in features, allows your baby to rest well and helps you rest easy. (link to coming soon!)

Important Features to Look for in a Baby Wedge Pillow:

When designing the line of Cher Bébé baby wedge pillows, we identified three important categories of features – Safety, Functionality, & your Convenience.

Below, we will review the features that make our crib and bassinet wedge pillows the best.

#1 – Safety | Snug Fit – Crib Wedges & Bassinet Wedges

Cher Bébé’s mission statement begins with bassinet and crib safety.

The most important consideration with all wedge pillows (whether for a crib or a bassinet) is to ensure a snug fit with the mattress it is paired with.

bassinet wedge

We recommend placing our crib wedges under the mattress and our bassinet wedges under the bassinet pad, however if your pillow fits snuggly, it can be ok to place on top of the mattress or bassinet pad.

The Cher Bébé Crib Wedge for Baby Reflux has a width of exactly 27.25 inches, which is the width of a standard sized crib mattress.

Cher Bébé offers two sizes of Bassinet Wedge pillows to ensure a safe, snug, and effective fit with your particular bassinet. Our bassinet wedges come in 18″ and 15″ widths and fit all popular bassinet models.

Fit Guide – Fits 18″ Bassinets

  • Halo Bassinest
  • Chicco Lullago Portable and Nest Bassinets
  • Dream on Me Skylar
  • Baby Delight Beside Me Dreamer & Somni Deluxe Bassinet and Bedside Sleepers
  • Koola Baby 3 in 1 Baby Bassinet and Bedside Sleeper
  • Ronbei Bedside Sleeper
  • Mika Micky Bedside Sleeper

Fit Guide – Fits 15″ Bassinets

  • Chicco Lullago Anywhere
  • Fisher Price Rock with Me and Soothing View
  • Dream on Me Karley, Willow and Lacy Portable
  • Beside Me Doze Deluxe Beside Bassinet and Go with Me Slumber Portable Bassinet

#2 – Safety | Material Testing & Compliance

All materials used in production of Cher Bébé baby wedge pillows meet standards set by the USA Consumer Product Safety Commission. You can trust that the wedge your baby and toddler is sleeping on is tested, hypoallergenic, and SAFE.

BPA Free
BPA Free

Cher Bébé Baby Sleeping Wedges are made of materials free of:

  • BPAs
  • Phthalates
  • Lead (tested on metal zipper)
  • Lead Paint (tested on metal zipper paint)
  • Cadmium
  • Flame Retardants

#3 – Functionality | Wedge Pillow Height and Inclination

Sleepy Slope

Our baby sleeping wedges effectively elevate a newborn’s head and chest, which may help to reduce baby reflux, colic, and congestion while aiding with digestion and gas relief.

Crib Wedges,

  • 3-1/4″ wedge height

18″ & 15″ Bassinet Wedges

  • 3″ and 2-1/2″ wedge height

All 3 of the products listed above feature a gentle slope to elevate baby’s head and chest.

Some infants like to wiggle around. (our sons wiggle a lot!)

Sometimes, if the baby wedge for cribs is placed on top of the mattress, wiggly babies can scoot down the incline. If you can relate to this, check out this short instructional post on how to make your own home remedy. (link coming soon!)

#4 – Functionality | Foam Density & Support

Foam Support

Cher Bébé baby wedge sleepers support your baby’s head and torso and will never go flat beneath him. Made of safe (and CPSC tested!) foam for optimal firmness, our wedges are firm enough to go under the mattress without losing shape.

#5 – Functionality | Non-Slip Rubber Bottom

Non Slip Rubber Grip

All Cher Bébé foam wedges include a soft cotton cover which has an underside full of non-slip rubber grip dots.

Our wedges can be installed above or below the crib mattress or bassinet mattress pad:

– Under the Mattress (recommended):

Place the wedge underneath the crib mattress. Cover the crib mattress with a fitted sheet as you normally would. Place your baby on his back with his head and torso elevated on the incline. Your baby’s bottom should be below the base of the incline.

– Under the sheet:

Place the wedge on top of the crib mattress. Cover both the wedge and the mattress with a fitted crib sheet. Place your baby on his back with his head and torso elevated on the wedge. Your baby’s bottom should be on the mattress, not positioned on the incline.

#6 – Convenience | Removable & Machine-washable Outer Cotton Cover

Machine Washable

Messes from baby acid reflux? Save your time! Our outer cotton cover has a zipper and is machine washable on gentle cycle. We recommend washing the cotton cover on a gentle cycle with cold water and in a laundry bag.

When drying, set your dryer to tumble dry, with low heat, or hang dry.

#7 – Convenience | Liquid-Blocking Inner Nylon Cover

Liquid Blocker

Big messes are no problem – After removing the outer cotton cover, just wipe the nylon cover clean with warm, soapy water.

This inner lining is sewn on to all of the foam blocks used in Cher Bébé pillows.

#8 – Convenience | Foldable and Storable

Foldable and Storable

The Cher Bébé Crib Wedge is easy to fold and easy to store.

Just unzip, remove one of the inserts and fold. This creates more space in storage or during travel.


Cher Bébé is here to help. We hope that the list of features we reviewed helps you to make an informed decision when shopping for your next wedge pillow.

Our mission is to provide you with safe and effective products that are well-made, but simple. Because we know you don’t need anything else to deal with.

Cher Bébé products help babies sleep longer and keep more milk in their bellies so they grow faster and become bigger and stronger.

Buy with trust from an American-owned, family company that cherishes the same as you – our children

Proud to be American – New Orleans, LA

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