baby’s first bath – when and how

baby's first bath

The minute new parents step out the delivery room with their new infant brings many questions. One of them probably will be, “When am I supposed to give my newborn a bath and how am I going to do it?”

Once the baby is actually here, parents at the hospital get plenty of assistance from nurses, who teach them how to take care of the baby. They are the ones who teach you the correct way to hold the baby, the best techniques for breastfeeding, how to change diapers, and much more!

Nurses are experts. They deal with these situations in their everyday lives. When new parents are sent home, it is likely that they won’t have the same expertise like that of a nurse.

Without the help of an expert, many questions enter into their minds. Taking care of a baby with the help of an expert is certainly not the same as doing it on their own. Naturally, new parents might feel nervous at this stage in their lives as caretakers.

We understand these problems, which is why we decided to create a complete guide on how to give your beautiful baby his or her first bath! Before we begin: It should be noted that you should NEVER leave your baby alone in the bath. Make sure that you have somebody else holding him or her while you find all the supplies that you need – assuming you can’t begin with everything already in hand.

First, gather everything you need, which will be::

a sponge or clean washcloth (double-rinsed)

a clean blanket or bath towel

a clear diaper

some clean clothes

warm water (not hot)

If you’re wondering when the perfect moment would be to give your newborn their first bath, the truth is that there is none. Some parents bathe their baby immediately after they arrive home from the hospital. Others decide to wait a couple days and just use wipes while they change dirty diapers.

There’s nothing wrong with either option. Our advice is to give your baby a bath when you feel ready and confident to do it. When nervousness gets in the way, things can get more complicated than they need to be.

If you want to feel more comfortable, bring someone over who has some experience giving babies a bath. Some new parents invite their moms over to teach them their way of doing it, making the bathing process that much easier to carry out.

Now, let’s take a look at the steps to bathing your baby properly.

1.Once you have everything you need, choose the perfect place to give them a bath. Make sure to find a flat surface to work with, since it will be more comfortable for you and the baby.

Most people like to use the sink or the bathtub. Babies get cold very easily, so make sure that the water is warm enough. But as we mentioned earlier, it can’t be too hot, otherwise you might scald them.

You can find bathtub seats specifically designed for newborns, that way they will feel comfortable while they are having a bath and won’t complain or cry as much.

2.The tub should be filled with water only 2 to 3 inches deep. The perfect water temperature for a baby is between 100 and 120 degrees Fahrenheit. The skin of your baby is very sensitive during this stage of their development, so make sure to pay extra attention when it comes to finding the right temperature.

3.Remove your baby’s clothes or diaper, and place him or her gently on the bathtub. Cover your newborn with a towel, lifting only the small area that you wish to clean, patting dry as you go. With the washcloth dipped in warm water, gently wipe the baby all over – paying special attention to the rolls and creases of the body.

4.Take your baby out of the bath and wrap them up nicely with another dry towel. You don’t have to use any after-bath products, since a newborn’s skin is very sensitive. Simply make sure that they are completely dry and put the clean diaper and clothes back on, and there you have it!

It is normal to be afraid when it comes to a newborn’s first bath, but with time and practice, you will be a complete expert. However, this won’t be the only thing you’ll have to master in order to become a competent parent. If you want more information, lifehacks, and coping skills for everything associated with parenting, Cher Bébé is your one-stop digital source for it!

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