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Crib Wedge – What Features are Important

Baby Crib Wedge

Why use a Baby Wedge? – Summary A crib wedge will elevate your baby’s head and chest, helping to prevent uncomfortable ailments such as baby reflux, GER, and colic. Acid reflux and GER (Gastroesophageal Reflux) are similar issues. Both conditions are caused when the lower esophageal valve fails to close during and after feedings, which […]

Why Use a Baby Wedge Pillow?

Infant Acid Reflux Nighttime

Summary Introduction Typical Feeding Schedules Getting Baby back to Sleep the First Time 90% Rule Reflux, Colic, Congestion, & Gas Introduction Middle-of-the-Night feedings have to be one of the most schedule-disrupting duties parents have. We love nurturing our little ones, but as parents, we need energy and alertness to handle what the next day will […]

sleep associations: the good and how to break the bad

sleep associations

When you leave the hospital with your new baby you are also bringing home an obligation to learn a new set of unfamiliar terms. Whether you’re an expecting parent, or whether you have already brought that little one in your home, you often find yourself hearing terms such as sleep association, among others. What Are […]